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Rapid Bike

Rapid Bike Racing (RBR) is a complete control module that can manage fuel injection -100/+150 and ignition timing control -10/+10 degrees. All Rapid Bike modules operate in an open loop manner by comparing load (throttle position, or MAP sensor) to RPM and applying ignition and timing corrections based on a 300 cell map. Rapid Bike Racing also contains a map correction feature that can add or minus fuel for throttle response and settings of sensitivity, duration and amount of fuel. RBR can also be set up to change RPM steps or load columns for 240 to 300 cell maps.

RBR can raise the RPM limiter over ECU on most models. Rapid Bike Racing has interpolation for smooth, better control in all conditions in either TPS (N/A) or MAP (Boost) setup. Our kits include a wire harness specific to each application, complete with factory connectors to make installation quick, simple and easily reversible.

The My Tuning Bike module allows for the Rapid Bike system to temporarily run in a closed loop manner with feedback from a wideband O2 sensor. The My Tuning Bike Module then makes changes to the map in the Rapid Bike until the desired air-fuel ratio for each load range is achieved. An Adaptor Harness is available to connect an existing RB3 harness to the new RBR/My Tuning Bike System.

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